Red Spider Sex Drops 3 Bottles


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Red Spider Sex Drops 3 Bottles
Red Spider 1 Box (3 Bottles) 5ml/btl
(free Red Spider For Men Pill 1 Pack)

Red Spider Sex Drops can intensely stimulate women feeling of sexual excitement in 5 minutes, increase vagina secretion, and even breast inflating, fully activate the strong sex desire. This product has great effect to women who are sex reaction, slowness, sex coldness, vagina dry during sexual intercourse and other symptoms.

Therefore it will be easier for a couple to get orgasms and satisfaction during sex. Moreover the female can receive multiple sex excitement. This product preparation is made completely from natural biological materials which cause no side effect.

Usage and Dosage: orally take half to one bottle each time 30 minutes before sex intercourse. Can be mixed in any wine or drinks. The effect of this item may vary from one individual to the next

Precautions: Forbidden for under age, pregnant woman and people with cardiovascular diseases. This product is only for legal family couples and is forbidden to be used in other occasions.

Packing: 1 box (3 bottles), 5ml/bottle

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1 Box (3 bottles)       USD$38
(free Red Spider For Men Pill 1 Pack)

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